How does the pack enter the highway?
We work with local and state authorities to aid our entrance onto the highways. The lead escort will slowly enter the highway and maintain a slow speed as the pack follows. There is no reason to ride fast to "catch up" with the pack. The lead escort continues at a slow speed until the tail escort is reported on the highway. At that point, the lead escort will slowly increase speed. The Riders are responsible for maintaining the proper distance. As you can see, there is no reason to ride faster than the speed limit - follow these guidelines, and the whole group will bring you up to speed properly and reduce "rubber banding."

How do I reserve my spot in the pack?
There are no reservations of riding spots in the pack. We ride two columns staggered, and positions in the pack will likely change as we do fuel stops. If you want to ride near someone, ride in front or behind them, not to their side, as those positions will adjust if riders fall out of formation.

How much does it cost to go?
$20/motorcyle regardless of where join in the ride. There are three recommended joining points; Helena, Three Forks, and Ennis. Where you start is a matter of personal preference. If you join the group while we are rolling, please fall in at the back of the group.

We have gathered a list of hotel and camping options for Helena and West Yellowstone and provided them on the Ride Information page.

Also, allow enough funds for emergency repairs and maintenance of your vehicle.

Can I ride with the Run in my car (cage)?
Our number one goal is the safety of the Run participants and the public. Personal vehicles should ride behind the motorcycles between the last motorcycle and the rear escort. It would help if you did not intermingle with the motorcycles at any time. Due to limited space at most of our gas stops, we ask you to proceed to another station or skip a gas stop. Our gas stops are planned for the I-90 Town Pump near Three Forks (~65 miles from Helena) and Ennis (~46 miles from Three Forks). The ride will conclude in West Yellowstone (~72 miles from Ennis).

Do I have to ride a certain brand of bike?
No, all bikes are welcome as long as they are safe, licensed, insured per your state’s laws, and highway capable. If you go on the ride, you will likely ride more than 200 miles, depending on your hometown. Be sure your bike is up to a ride of this length.

What special skills are needed to ride with the pack?
Riding with the pack requires good skills, and you must be a competent, safe rider. Courses such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Experienced (Advanced) Rider’s Course will help you sharpen your existing skills. Please review the rider’s etiquette portion of the web page.

What do I need to have with me if my passenger is under 18 on the Run?
Montana law requires any riders under the age of 18 to wear a helmet.

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