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Armed Forces Day

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It was with trepidation that we put out the flags. The weather forecast was ominous at best, however, we went ahead and posted the POW/MIA flags today to honor Montana's missing. We worked through light sprinkles at 0530hrs in the morning and shortly after we were done, the clouds opened up and it rained and rained all day long.  I drove by the flags a couple times to check on them and they stayed put and flew all day long.

On the drive back to town at 1800hrs to begin collecting the flags, the rain got lighter and lighter and by the time we met at the meeting place at 1830hrs, it had stopped and there was a refreshing wind blowing! My fear of dealing with soggy wet POW/MIA flags were needless as the light breeze completely dried out the flags!

What a great day! We really needed the rain here and we also had the opportunity to honor the POW/MIAs at the same time!

I'd like to throw out a big thank you to Tim Ravndal from Townsend, who saw my wife and I (a two person team doing the normal job of three) pulling down the flags and stopped to offer his assistance. Also, a big thanks to the members of the Helena Marine Corps League, specifically; Mike Morrison, Monique Damuth, and John & Nancy Morgan who were kind enough to lend a hand in this endeavor while some of our members were unavailable.

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