Last Name     First Name     MI     Branch of Service     Conflict     Incident Date     Home of Record
Dusko John P. U.S. Navy WWII 4/20/1945 Great Falls
Gidel Fredrick A. U.S. Navy WWII 7/30/1945 Butte
Gray Dennis U.S. Navy WWII 4/10/1945 Helena
Hannah Robert H. U.S. Navy WWII 3/19/1945 Missoula
Leischner Glenn D. U.S. Navy WWII 4/12/1945 Plevna
Shefloe Allyn C. U.S. Navy WWII 7/24/1945 Whitefish
Skrederstu Fred G. U.S. Marine Corps WWII 5/6/1945 Forsyth
Waller Joel A. U.S. Navy WWII 3/19/1945 Froid
Last Name     First Name     MI     Branch of Service     Conflict     Incident Date     Home of Record
Adams Bosie A. U.S. Army Korea 12/1/1950 Park
Bjork William W. U.S. Army Korea 2/13/1951 Flathead
Blinn John D. U.S. Marine Corps Korea 12/2/1950 Butte
Brest Lyle A. U.S. Army Korea 4/23/1951 Richland
Brousseau Philip F. U.S. Army Korea 11/30/1950 Gallatin
Buntin Charles W. U.S. Marine Corps Korea 1/29/1952 Lewistown
Cassatt Patrick T. U.S. Army Korea 11/2/1950 Silver Bow
Coleman Richard A. U.S. Navy Korea 10/1/1950 Lewistown
Deschamps Elzeard J. U.S. Air Force Korea 2/2/1951 Helena
Fields Oliver M. U.S. Army Korea 11/27/1950 Teton
Fouracres Henry J. U.S. Army Korea 11/30/1950 Silver Bow
Gresser Arnold G. U.S. Army Korea 7/25/1950 Custer
* Haugland Harold P. U.S. Army Korea 12/2/1950 Gallatin
Kile George D. U.S. Army Korea 12/12/1950 Hill
Lease Gene H. U.S. Marine Corps Korea 9/26/1950 Fairfield
Leibrand George S. U.S. Army Korea 11/28/1950 Flathead
Melzer Ernest J. U.S. Army Korea 4/24/1951 Blain
Mozer Robert A. U.S. Marine Corps Korea 12/2/1950 Shelby
Nielsen Arild C. U.S. Air Force Korea 5/26/1951 Missoula
Pope Charles E. U.S. Navy Korea 2/22/1953 Kalispell
Rockwell Clyde T. U.S. Army Korea 7/5/1950 Silver Bow
Schlegel Charles B. U.S. Army Korea 2/13/1951 Flathead
Smith George R. U.S. Army Korea 7/11/1950 Jefferson
Smith Lewis B. U.S. Army Korea 3/24/1953 Silver Bow
Stash Raymond E. U.S. Army Korea 10/19/1952 Judith Basin
Stedman Gerald F. U.S. Army Korea 2/13/1951 Springdale
Thomas Alfred W. U.S. Navy Korea 4/18/1951 Stevensville
West Willis N. U.S. Army Korea 11/28/1950 Cascade
   * Remaines Identified
Last Name     First Name     MI     Branch of Service     Conflict     Incident Date     Home of Record
Allinson David J. U.S. Air Force Vietnam 8/12/1966 Helena
Appelhans Richard D. U.S. Air Force Vietnam 10/16/1967 Dodson
Ashall Alan F. U.S. Navy Vietnam 8/29/1968 Billings
Bouchard Michael L. U.S. Navy Vietnam 12/20/1968 Missoula
Cadwell Anthony B. U.S. Army Vietnam 10/17/1967 Missoula
Christensen William M. U.S. Navy Vietnam 3/1/1966 Great Falls
Dempsey Jack I. U.S. Navy Vietnam 6/17/1966 Helena
Dudley Charles G. U.S. Air Force Vietnam 6/28/1966 Bozeman
Havranek Michael W. U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam 6/11/1967 Missoula
* Holton Robert E. U.S. Air Force Vietnam 1/29/1969 Butte
Hunt James D. U.S. Navy Vietnam 10/13/1968 Missoula
Letchworth Edward N. U.S. Navy Vietnam 2/27/1967 Libby
Magee Patrick J. U.S. Army Vietnam 1/3/1971 Alder
Nordahl Lee E. U.S. Navy Vietnam 12/20/1965 Choteau
Pirker Victor J. U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam 11/22/1965 Trout Creek
Pogreba Dean A. U.S. Air Force Vietnam 10/5/1965 Three Forks
Willett Robert V. U.S. Air Force Vietnam 4/17/1969 Great Falls
   * Remaines Identified
Last Name     First Name     MI     Branch of Service     Conflict     Incident Date     Home of Record
Danens Joe H. U.S. Navy Cold War 4/8/1950 Cut Bank
Hill Donald G. U.S. Air Force Cold War 7/29/1953 Great Falls


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